What Does It Take To Have A Truly Happy Dog?

Having a truly happy dog isn’t something many people can boast about. Most people don’t raise their dogs properly, which can lead to emotional imbalances and unhappy dogs. If you want a truly happy dog, this means ensuring you’re training them and doing all you can to be consistent with them. It doesn’t always mean sharing your food with them and giving them big sloppy kisses as soon as you get home from work! You might think your dog is happy, but many dogs are confused. Here’s what it takes to have a truly happy dog:

Become Their Pack Leader

To have a truly happy dog, they need to have a pack leader. Not just any pack leader either; you! If you’ve ever watched the Dog Whisperer, you’ll have an idea of how to do this and why this is. If a dog doesn’t have a clear and consistent pack leader, they’ll try to fill the role. This means they will disobey you and do things that you don’t like, causing even more confusion. The best thing you can do is show that you are their pack leader from a young age. You don’t need to do anything drastic to prove this. It’s all in your body language and consistent actions.

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Be Consistent With Your Training

Being consistent with your training will ensure your dog is toilet trained and can walk on a lead nicely from a young age. Teaching them new tricks and things as they age can challenge them and keep them happy too. Being consistent with them will make sure they are obedient and well behaved.

Book Regular Vet Appointments

Regular vet appointments can mean preventing an illness or problem before it’s serious. If you skip vet appointments or leave it too long in between check ups, you may get an even higher vet bill for an operation or expensive medicine. Keep your dog healthy!

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Grooming And Bonding Time

Grooming your dog is essential. Brushing them and keeping them clean and tidy will not only make them happy, but you too. It can also be a great bonding activity, alongside play time. Most dogs really enjoy being groomed. As a treat, you can take them to a professional groomer.

Give Them Plenty Of Exercise

All dogs need some form of exercise, whatever their size and breed. Really small dogs may not need long walks, but you should still keep them occupied and stimulated. Make sure you know how much exercise your own dog needs and give it to them.

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Fresh Water And Quality Food

Giving your dog access to fresh water when they need it is important. They know the difference between freshwater and day old water! The same goes with food. They might be ‘just a dog’ but they know good food when they smell it!

Keep Your Dog Safe

Keeping your dog safe is a must. Make sure you have stair gates if you need them, and anything else that will stop them from getting themselves into trouble. You can compare pet insurance to keep your dog safe too.

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Know The Dangers

Know what to feed your dog and what not to feed your dog. Know unsafe times to take them on walks. Do lots of research and be smart, and you’ll have a happy dog!

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