This Dog’s AWW-some Adventures Are Made Even Cuter By His Lil Best Friend

Like many humans, dogs form strong friendship bonds. Mali the 4.5-year-old Golden Retriever is no different. But his best friend is super special. Why? Well, he’s a pint-sized teddy bear named Teddy. Mali’s mom Gabi Stickler, an amateur photographer based in Germany, takes the two of them on lots of grand adventures through nature, sometimes stopping along the way for a little snack or a nap.

Meet Mali and Teddy.

Their adventure starts on a chilly beach…

Where Teddy takes a dip.

Sometimes they’re joined by their friend, Wall-E.

That skateboard is way too small for you, Mali.

Occasionally, they take trips into the mountains.

It’s always best to bundle up!

“Please don’t rain on our parade.”

Then again, a little rain never hurt anybody.

Digging holes and getting dirty, as dogs and tiny Teddys often do.

They really know how to stop and smell the flowers.

Make a wish!

Golden-Retriever-teddy bear-Teddy-1

They went a little overboard with the sprinkles…

Nap time!

How about a candlelit lunch in the woods?

Dessert is their favorite course.

For such a tiny Teddy, scaling this rock requires some assistance.

Don’t float away, Teddy!

Source : Gabi Stickler

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