The Most Popular Pet Ideas For Your Kids!

Fancy buying a pet for your kids? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here are the most popular pet ideas for kids:

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A Tortoise!

The only sad thing about pets is that we tend to outlive them. It can be hard for your kids when they grow up with a pet, only for it to sadly pass away. Which is why a tortoise makes the ideal pet for your kids! Tortoises have super long life spans, in fact, they’ll outlive all of you! So, your kids get a pet they can keep for the rest of their life, how sweet.

Another great thing about getting a tortoise is that they’re very low-maintenance. You don’t have to buy them a massive cage because they don’t move around a lot. You can let them slowly wander around your house and not worry about massive droppings everywhere. They’re a cheap pet that’s easy to look after.

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A Horse!

Horses are a very popular pet idea; little kids always dream of owning a horse. If you have a daughter, you can bet she’s asked for a horse or pony at least twenty times. There’s something about this great animal that people love. I think part of it is that you can ride a horse, so you can have lots of fun with it. Plus, they’re truly beautiful, what a majestic creature!

However, horses are always quite costly and come with some added costs. Some of the additional costs include horse insurance, a horse trailer and renting a stable. Then you have smaller costs like a grooming kit and blankets. But, they’re a really fun pet to have, and your kids will love it!

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A Dog!

Dogs are everybody’s best friend! If you want a safe bet for a pet, then buy a dog. Your kids will love dogs, and the dog will love them. What sets dogs apart from the rest is that they become very attached to their owners. Your kids will form a special bond with your pet dog; I can promise you that. Perhaps you can buy them a puppy this Christmas and watch it grow with your children.

Like horses, dogs also come with some additional costs. You need to get them a doggy bed, dog food, chew toys, etc. Dogs require you to buy a lot of small things that soon add up. Plus, they eat like crazy, so you have to be constantly stocked up on dog food!

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A Parrot!

If you fancy something a little exotic, why not get your kids a parrot! Parrots are great fun and look fantastic. They have brightly coloured feathers that you can stare at all day. But, the best thing about a parrot is that they talk! Trust me, your kids will spend an age trying to get your parrot to say all sorts of phrases.

They don’t cost an awful lot of money to look after; you need a cage and food. So, they won’t eat away at your wallet and will be a cool pet to own!

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