Super Signs That You Need To Get A Cute Cat Right Now

Cats – they are everywhere! We all know that about 90% of the internet consists of videos or photos of our feline friends, and you just can’t get enough of them. If you have thought about getting a cat in the past, what is holding you back? These pets are super cute and lovely to have around your home. Here are some signs that you need to get a kitty.

You watch cat videos on YouTube all the time

When you have nothing better to do, what do you do? If you head straight to YouTube and watch a million cat videos, you have a problem. The only way to solve that problem is to get a kitten. Cat videos are fascinating, but kittens are even more interesting in real life. When you have a cat, you have hours of entertainment.

You are an independent person

As you know, cats are pretty independent, which means that they need an independent owner. If you are the type of person who needs constant attention from your pet, get a dog. Cats are aloof. They will come to you when they want you, and not before that time. You have to be patient. In time, they will warm to you.

You are responsible and ready to care

There are loads of responsibilities you take on when you get a cat. For example, you will need to get worming tablets from somewhere like You will also need to register with a vet and get the right food for your kitty. If you are an irresponsible person, this pet might not be for you. If you happen to be a super-organized type, though, you will make the perfect pet owner. Cats are fun, but they also take care. If you think you can hack it, you should get one now.

You can’t look at cat pictures without getting emotional

Cat pictures are beautiful, we all know that. If you can’t look at these cute photos without getting emotional, you are a serious cat lover. You don’t have to hide it – embrace it. If you adore kittens, tell the world about it. You are not alone. You can get a cat from a local shelter or buy one from a pet store. Either way, this nice addition to your home will be a wonderful treat.

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You feel that your home is empty

Does your house feel too big for you? If you have loads of space, you might want to share your home with a cat. After all, cats love to roam around massive spaces. Having a cat means that you will never, ever feel lonely, which is a huge plus. You will always have company by your side to make you feel special. Despite what you may have heard, cats are affectionate things. They are always there for you, which means that you will always have your best friend by your side.

You love curling up and watching TV

You have an evening to yourself, what do you do? If you are the type of person who loves curling up and relaxing in front of the TV, you are a cat person. Cats adore nothing more than curling up and snoozing. Dogs, on the flip side, always want you to take them for walks. Cats are happy to sit by your side and watch TV with you all night long. Purr-fect!

If you are showing any of these signs, there is only one thing for it – you need to get a cat. There are loads of places you can get kittens now, and so you had better start looking. You know you want to!

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