Rescued Fox Raised By Humans Thinks He’s A Dog!

It’s a fox… It’s a dog… No, wait, it’s definitely a fox.

Emma D’Sylva is an animal lover who has not only two dogs, but also ‘Todd the fox’ as a domestic pet.


The beloved fox first came into D’Sylva’s life as a 4-month-old rescue.


Over the past 7 months, Todd has grown into a member of the family and even seems to think he’s a dog.


“He was a bit crazy when he first came to me last year but now he has a really strong bond with me and he will walk on a lead,” says D’Sylva.


“He is very playful with me. He will run up to me wagging his tail when I go to feed him and he will roll over to have his belly tickled.”


“He is similar to a dog but he is a bit more hyperactive. He gets on with my two dogs, and wants to play with them all the time.”


Despite trying to be one of the dogs, D’Sylva says, “I can’t let him off the lead because he’s deaf so I can’t shout him to come back.”

Rescued-Fox-Raised-By-Humans-7Even with his disability, the fox loves being outdoors and around other people.

Todd is an adorable little guy with plenty of energy to make up for his disability and D’Sylva is more than happy to share the joy he brings with others.

Rescued-Fox-Raised-By-Humans-8“He’s really getting used to things now and I’m looking forward to letting more and more people meet him,” she says.

Just last week, D’Sylva took Todd on his first school trip to meet kids. He happily accepted their strokes and belly rubs. The 25-year-old woman regularly takes her pets—which includes a skunk, a raccoon, lizards, and snakes—on visits to schools and senior care homes to give children and the elderly an opportunity to interact with captive-bred animals.

Source: Daily Mail

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