Rare white-faced fawn, rejected by mother, finds new life at animal farm

A rare white-faced fawn rejected by its mother at birth has been given a chance at life thanks to owners of a local farm.The male fawn, named Dragon, was born about two weeks ago at Deer Tracks Junction farm on 14 Mile Road in Cedar Springs. Dragon is a rare type of whitetail deer known as the Piebald, which are recognized by their large brown and white spotting pattern that is caused by a genetic defect.The defect affects less than 1 percent of the whitetail deer population and makes it difficult for them to blend into nature and hide from predators.Dragon was rejected by his mom “Bunny” after he was born, most likely because he looked different than other fawns.Since then, the owners of Deer Tracks Junction have been bottle feeding him. They expect Dragon to be able to join the other deer in a fenced-in pasture sometime later this summer.

white-faced fawn-2

white-faced fawn-1

white-faced fawn-3

white-faced fawn-4

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