Making Sure Your Labrador Is Loved And Healthy

If you’ve just got yourself a Labrador then we’re sorry to say that your life has just peaked. Seriously. It doesn’t get better than this. They are just one of the most amazing breeds known to dog lovers, families, elderly and just about everyone else with a heart that beats inside their chest. Kind, good-natured, take everything in their stride and all-round good eggs; they are all the things we wish we were and more.

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But while they are one of the most delectable and loving dogs you can ever own, keeping them healthy can be a teeny-weeny challenge. Although, once you know what to look out for and how to manage this, you’ll find this challenge easy, and one you’ll adore getting involved with.

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Vigorous Exercise

Labradors don’t exactly qualify as small dogs by anyone’s standard, and that means a touch of daily exercise is very much needed. We’re not talking about a brisk walk around a small block either. Take them to the park to play fetching games, go on a hike with them, let them loose in a lovely warm lake; anything that will burn off that energy. If you don’t, not only are you putting their health at risk, you are also putting your furniture at risk too. Yup. Confining a Labrador is asking for destructive chewing. So enjoy your exercise together and think of it as bonding.


Chew Toys

We mentioned it above and we’re going to mention it again: these dogs love to chew things. They are just breeds that don’t enjoy growing up, a little bit like us humans. They would just prefer to stay spirited teenagers for as long as possible, and chewing is a side-product of this. The best way to manage this is with toys. Provide them with a plethora of fun and squeaky toys that they can carry around in their mouth and your home could be safe.


Coat Care

One of the best things about having a Labrador is that their coats are short and easy to maintain. This doesn’t mean they are immune to certain nasties. The good news, however, is that any flea and tick medication for dogs that you give them can be administered using a collar, instead of edible pills which can be a tricky thing to ensure they swallow. Other than, a regular comb, brush, and shine will do them wonders and, once again, make your bond that much stronger.


Patience Please

We mentioned their teenage tendencies, what we didn’t mention, though, was how this affects training them. Basically, you’ll want to have some patience. Luckily, they are quite obedient dogs and will abide your commands, even though they have their stubborn moments (who doesn’t!). Unfortunately, you can feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall to begin with because, in case you haven’t noticed, they are built like bulls and so a tug on the leash can be as ineffective as a gnat farting in a hurricane. So make yourself known using your voice as well.

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