Keep Your Kitty Happy This Summer

Cats love to roll around in the sun, so summer is a fantastic time for them. Not only do they get to sunbathe, but they can enjoy the warmer season in lots of other ways. There are bugs for them to stalk in the grass, birds for them to listen to and the dogs are all too hot to go outside. If you own a cat, you probably want to help them enjoy the summer just as much as you are. You can look after them properly and buy or make them plenty of fun things so that they don’t get bored, and they stay happy and healthy. Here are some ways you can keep your cat happy this summer.


Get Them Ready for the Outdoors


Before you unleash your kitty on the wild, you need to make sure they’re ready for summer. The outdoors has all sorts of adversaries for you mog, from bugs to the powerful sun. During the summer months, it’s especially important to look at flea treatment for cats, as well as worming. Some people choose a flea collar, but you can also use spot-on treatments or even injections. Protecting your cat from the sun can be a worry too, especially if they have white fur or exposed pink skin. Make sure they have lots of shady patches and ask your vet about using sunscreen on their sensitive bits.

Buy a Water Fountain

Unlike dogs, domestic cats don’t pant to cool themselves down. They have to rely on staying in the shade and drinking lots of water. Help your kitty not to overheat by putting out plenty of water for them in lots of different spots, both inside and outside. A drinking fountain can be great fun, acting as both a hydration source and something fascinating to play with.

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Cat Tents, Shelters and Tunnels

Your cat will probably want some spots in the shade, as well as somewhere to play. You can buy a tent or shelter that’s either sealed off (great for indoor cats) or lets your cat wander in and out at will. Tunnels are great fun too; they can run in and out of them or just crawl in for a rest when it’s hot.

Kitty Kennel

Why should dogs have all the fun when it comes to kennels? Cats should get a house to hang out in too, especially in the summer. You can use a cat kennel or house to provide a shady place for your cat to chill. They also work well for when the weather isn’t as bright and sunny, and they need to escape from the wind or rain.

Window Perch

If you don’t want your indoor cat to miss out on the summer fun, get them a window perch. They can sit and watch the world go by or enjoy the sunshine as they have a nap. They’ll be able to make the most of summer without putting a paw outside.

If you want your cat to enjoy the summer, make sure they do it safely. They can have fun and be healthy, even in the heat.

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