Inside Your Dog’s Mind: What They Are Actually Thinking

Dogs might come across as simple animals, but there is a lot going on in their minds. Think about it. They spend most of their time sitting, or lying back and conveying everything that is going on around them. All they do is ponder the big, existential questions like the meaning of life. They are pretty much the new philosophers of the twenty first century, like a furry Descartes or Plato. To get a grip on how wise you dog is, here are some of the things that are almost certainly running through their head.

  1. Who’s That?

No, someone has not burst through your front door, and your dog has jumped into action to chase the intruder away. They are sitting in front of the mirror and cannot work out who the other dog is staring back at them! They might look the same, move the same and even think the same way, but your dog just cannot seem to wrap their head around it, no matter how hard they try!

1024px-NICO_looks_at_himselfPhoto Source

  1.    Will They Ever Let Me Go To Sleep?

Dogs do love to lark around a lot of the time, but they also love their sleep. Humans, however, never seem to take this into consideration and gladly play with their dog for hours. If your dog is dragging its legs underneath it while waddling for the ball, it is definitely tired and needs to sleep.

  1.    Do They Know I Am In Charge?

It isn’t unreasonable to think that you are in control with your pet. Your dog knows a lot better than you do, on the other hand. You can tell in the smug face it pulls every time you wait on it hand and foot. Just think about it. It whines and you put food and drink out, it starts scratching at the door and you get the lead and take it for a walk. It could poke its face in the latest magazine on dog fashion and you would dress it up. Face it, your dog has you wrapped around your little finger and it knows it.

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  1. Why Don’t You Listen?

You just take your dog for granted, yet a lot of the time they are trying to help you out. Barking at the door when they sense danger or just barking to let you know someone is coming, still you just ignore them. Like anyone who is being ignored, dogs don’t take it well and don’t think too highly of you. ‘Why don’t they listen to me’, they ask? The answer, because they are fools!

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  1. Why Are You Talking To Me Like That?

This thought runs through a dog’s head because it runs through every dog owner’s head. You normally talk to everyone else in an adult manner and then speak to your dog like it is a little child. It’s very patronising for the dog, not to mention a little bit weird!

Just take a look at your dog the next time and you will see the signs written all over its face; it thinks you are an idiot!

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