Indoor Cats: Issues Homeowners Need To Know About

It’s not surprising that a lot of pet owners decide that they would rather keep their furry friend inside. After all, so many cats end up in road accidents every year. Or they get lost or stolen which means your beloved kitty might not be seen again. Therefore, some owners decide that they will make them into indoor cats. It can work well to keep them safe and happy. However, there are some issues you need to know about if you are going to keep your beloved cats inside.

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You need to ensure they have scratching posts


Cats like to sharpen their claws. They tend to scratch fences and walls when they are outside to keep their claws in good nick. Therefore, it can prove a bit of a nightmare for homeowners if they are keeping their cats indoors. After all, they will then go to furniture like the sofa to sharpen their claws. And it can mean your beautiful sofa ends up with a load of scratch marks! However, there are some ways you can stop them from attacking the furniture. For one thing, you should let them have some scratching posts inside the home. Have one upstairs and one downstairs and familiarize them with them to ensure they use them!


You need to ensure they have preventive flea treatment


While your cats are at higher risk if they are outside of picking up fleas, there are some ways they still can pick up the pests. For one thing, if you have other animals like a pooch who has been outside, they could pass on the fleas. Or even if you let your cats out in the back garden for a short time, they could easily pick them up. And once they are on the cats, they could soon be spread in your home. In fact, your might end up with a home infestation which means you will have to resort to products which will kill the fleas, or even hire a pest extermination company! Therefore, especially in the summer months, you need to use a preventive on the cats. That way, they will be protected from picking up fleas and ticks. And a lot of the flea meds for cats last about a month. So make sure you reapply to keep them protected throughout summer!


You need to get a good hoover


Cat fur can get everywhere in your house. It can be a nightmare to clean for homeowners. So if you are going to have your cat indoors, you have to be clued-up about shedding. In fact, one of the first things you will need to invest in is a good hoover. After all, you will need to use it several times a week to get rid of that cat hair. You can get some hoovers which have been designed specifically to get rid of pet hair. Therefore, one of these would come in useful if you do have indoor cats. And remember to groom them regularly. That way, you will get rid of any dead hair before it goes on your floor!


And remember to keep the house cool for your kitty. You don’t want them overheating and getting sick in the humble abode.

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