He Was Found Freezing To Death – What This Lamb Is Doing Now Will Make You Smile

Second chances are what make the world go round. If we never gave someone the benefit of the doubt, or another opportunity, where would we be? And that’s all this little lamb needed: a second chance. Smokey the lamb was abandoned just hours after he was born, when a farmer found the little sheep all alone in the freezing cold. He took him in.

The next thing Smokey knew, he was living it up in New York City with his foster parents. Check out the inspiring story of this little lamb below.

Here’s Smokey, three weeks after his harrowing experience.

baby-lamb-Smokey-1Abandoned by his mother at birth, the little guy was lucky to survive.

The farmer who found him occasionally finds other baby lambs in similar circumstances, and makes the effort to ensure they find good homes.

baby-lamb-Smokey-2Sandy Lee Hall, the manager at New York City’s Black Tree restaurant, had volunteered to take in any lost lambs that needed a home.

So, at only four days old, Smokey was given to his new foster parents.

baby-lamb-Smokey-3He went to live with Hall in a Big Apple apartment.

Though the big city was certainly new for Smokey, it quickly became his home.

baby-lamb-Smokey-4His foster parents made sure that he was more than comfortable.

Smokey even began making appearances at the restaurant that Hall manages. He made fast friends with the regulars.

baby-lamb-Smokey-5The little lamb has also been making the rounds to parks and landmarks in the city. He’s getting the full NYC experience.

Though he can’t stay with them forever, Smokey’s foster parents want to make the best of the time they have.

baby-lamb-Smokey-6Once he has been weaned off the bottle he will be sent back upstate.

At least by then he’ll have plenty of stories to tell his new lamb besties! If you’re in the area and spot a little lamb, don’t worry – your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Source: Viralnova

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