Greyhounds: How To Look After Your Gentle Giant

Often overlooked in favor of more fashionable or aesthetically pleasing dogs, greyhounds make the most wonderful pets. They are kind and loyal. They don’t bark or go nuts at the sight of the postman. They take great pleasure in parking themselves in the center of your living room and zonking out with all four legs in the air. These mutts are gentle around kids and are more than happy for you to dictate the pace of life. After all, chances are they’ve had their fill of life in the fast lane after having hopelessly chased a faux rabbit for the first few years of their lives. If you find yourself in the fortunate position of adopting a retired racing greyhound, there are a number of things that you’ll need to clue yourself up on in order to give your new pal the care he deserves.


Going to the pound to select your greyhound is tougher than it seems. Everyone ventures into the kennels with the preconceived notion that the dog will choose them. What happens when every greyhound chooses you because they are all desperate to find a new loving home? Be practical and strong otherwise you may find yourself living with half a dozen new canines.

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It is the sheer silliness of greyhounds that make them a dog breed like no other. One morning you may venture downstairs unable to locate your greyhound, only to see four feet sticking up from behind your television. The physical positions that greyhounds find themselves in defy all logic and reason but can make for some comical photographs to flood your Twitter feed.


Like most hounds, this breed of dog is not without its health issues. The majority of greyhounds suffer from arthritis and, as they get older, many find it increasingly difficult to walk for long distances. Look into getting a large pet stroller that your greyhound can stretch out in with ease. This way, your dog can still enjoy the outdoors and go for a walk with you without having to endure pain in his or her joints that arthritis can cause.


Greyhounds are very sociable dogs. When your new greyhound was on the racing circuit, he would have traveled the country in kennels with a whole host of other greyhounds. He or she will be ultra disciplined and relish the routines that he or she has come to know and love. Ripping a dog away from that is traumatic, and it is your job to help your new friend get over that by showing love and affection. After all, you want to ensure the best life for your dog. Your new greyhound will, no doubt, return this love and affection by sticking to you like a limpet and becoming your new shadow.

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The joy of having a greyhound cannot be underestimated. Just like Santa’s Little Helper from the Simpsons, greyhounds are simply the most loveable creatures. By welcoming a greyhound into your home, you are encouraging a whole host of new memories to be created for your family to reminisce about for years to come.

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