Essential Shopping List For A New Puppy

If you’re about to get a new puppy, you’re in for a lifetime of love and fun. The excitement of the first few days will turn into nearly two decades of happiness for you both. You will become close companions and friends. And for your pup, everything will be a game. He will see every moment with you as an opportunity to make you happy and help you feel loved. But first, you’re going to need some supplies. And yes, it can be a pretty big shopping list!

First and foremost, you’re going to need some really good puppy food. Once you know the breed of the dog, you’ll be able to buy an appropriate brand and product that will suit him. Some puppies grow very big very quickly, so it is essential you carefully weigh him and the food you’re feeding him. You may need some supplements for some breeds, or those pups that have a few health problems.


You’re also going to need some medication to ensure their health is good for the rest of their lives. Your veterinarian can advise you if you have any queries. Generally speaking, you’ll need a regular flea prevention tonic. Some people don’t like the smell of the drops that go on the skin. Something like Nexgard that is chewable may be the preference in these cases. You will need to keep the treatments up to date for them to have maximum effectiveness.


Exercising your pup is easy at first. They’re small and need plenty of naps as they’re growing. But after the first few months, you need to be in a good routine of heading outside with your dog for longer and longer walks. Several walks a day is best, but most owners manage just a couple. Space to run around in your yard is also a good way for your pet to stay active. You might choose to buy a fitness tracker to check your pet is getting enough active time for their weight.

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To take your dog for a walk, he will need a good collar with a name and contact tag. You’ll also need a high-quality extendable lead so they can sniff around at the park without being off your handle. You’ll need poop bags and possibly gloves. And your dog will love it if you have a couple of toys you can throw for a game of fetch. Carry some treats so you can reward your dog for excellent behavior.

At home, your dog will need his own bed, water bowl, and food bowls. He may also need some toys to keep him entertained. Dogs need to chew, so provide something safe that won’t make a terrible mess everywhere. Your dog will also need to be bathed quite frequently. Choose a safe shampoo. You might prefer he has his own bath too.

Getting a new puppy is a very exciting time for everyone in the household. Sure, there are a few expenses, but your new companion will be worth every dime. Introduce everyone gradually, and have fun with your newest family member.

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