Cute Baby Monkey Gets Treated Like A Child

This is beautiful story of one Skopje Zoo’s resident – baby baboon Luka. The little monkey was abandoned by his mother, thus, zoo keepers took him under their wing and whelmed him with care. Luka was given a tiny bed, several sets of baby clothes and a bunch of toys. Now Luka looks like one happy child being fed from a milk bottle, wearing snug nightwear or simply chewing on a pen.

Cute-Baby-Monkey-6 Cute-Baby-Monkey-8 Cute-Baby-Monkey-9 Cute-Baby-Monkey-10 Cute-Baby-Monkey-11 Cute-Baby-Monkey-12 Cute-Baby-Monkey-13 Cute-Baby-Monkey-1 Cute-Baby-Monkey-2 Cute-Baby-Monkey-3 Cute-Baby-Monkey-4 Cute-Baby-Monkey-5

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