Biddy The Travelling Hedgehog Has Seen More Of The World Than The Average Human

Biddy is a 4-year-old African pygmy hedgehog who has probably been to more places in the world than you have. Together with her human mother and canine sister, Biddy has conquered Oregon and has plans for the rest of the world…

There’s a lot to see in Biddy’s home state of Oregon. Including the Painted Hills.



Biddy’s next port of call was Elowah Falls with her sister Charlie.

Biddy isn’t confined to Ohio, she’s also conquered the chilly wastes of Montana.

And caught some rays in California.

And to help the rest of us get through the week, every Tuesday is toungeouttuesday

There’s always time for sunbathing at Harris Beach.

Biddy is no novice. When it’s cold out, she fashions a sleeping bag from a soda cooler.

Ahhhhhh, time to smell the fresh air at Lake Owyhee.

Just hanging out on top of Larch Mountain.

I wonder why they call it Pegleg Falls…


Misery Ridge just got a hell of a lot more adorable…


Getting ready for a climb at Smith Rock State Park


Watch out, world. You’re next!



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