Adorable ‘Underwater Puppies’ Swim away with Our Hearts

Acclaimed pet photographer Seth Casteel of Little Friend Photo is at it again! Following the success of his New York Times bestselling book, Underwater Dogs, it only makes sense that the next book on his to-do list would zero in on the magical world of — you guessed it — submerged puppies.The charming photo book,features more than 80 underwater puppy portraits that are as vibrant as they are insanely cute.
Below are some of these photos…

Underwater-Puppies-9 Underwater-Puppies-10 Underwater-Puppies-1 Underwater-Puppies-2 Underwater-Puppies-3 Underwater-Puppies-4 Underwater-Puppies-5 Underwater-Puppies-6 Underwater-Puppies-7 Underwater-Puppies-8

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