3 Things To Consider When Rescuing An Older Dog

I’ve you’ve made the decision to adopt a senior dog and bring them back to your home, you’re going to have a loyal new family member to spend quality time with. Even though older dogs make excellent companions, they can also bring with them challenges that you’ll need to be prepared to deal with so that they can live a happy and comfortable life with you and the rest of your household. The following are some areas that you might need to think about if you’re about to welcome home a new furry friend.

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Their Behaviour


As with any rescue dog, they might come home with a few bad habits; with older pooches, these habits can be much harder to break, as they’ve been doing the same thing for much longer than a young pup. As long as the behavior isn’t aggressive, or poses any danger to people and other animals, they are things that you can try to work on, with kindness and patience. Try to remember; your furry friend isn’t trying to be bad; they just haven’t been taught any different. For some tips on teaching an old dog new tricks, take a look here:  https://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/10_12/features/Training-Older-Dogs_15990-1.html.


A senior dog may not enjoy fetch, playtime, and walkies as much as their younger counterparts do, and that’s ok; it’s just like how your grandparents feel about physical activities, and enjoy it in moderation. Be mindful that your pooch may well be suffering from joint pain, and other aches and ailments, which will affect their desire to jump up when it’s time to go outside.


Their Health


As previously mentioned, if your elderly animal does suffer from painful limbs, you might want to invest in some equipment to help them get out and about in the fresh air. Have a look into the best pet stroller for your dog, and ensure that their senior years are spent outside sniffing the air and being fascinated by their surroundings, just as much as they were when they were younger.


Scheduling regular vet examinations is also a smart idea; you’ll want to keep an eye on your older dog’s health a lot more closely as they age. Certain conditions and ailments can go unnoticed, and your veterinarian will be able to diagnose and treat any conditions which are causing your pet discomfort, so it’s worth the investment. Your dog may develop cataracts, and heir sight can get progressively worse; bear this in mind when they are moving around your home, and watch out for potential collisions with walls and sharp corners.


They Just Want To Be Loved


If you feel you have plenty of time and love to give a senior pooch, and you are financially comfortable enough to afford regular visits to the vets; there’s no reason not to bring an older rescue dog home. Dogs are just like humans in that they need care, company, and comfort; provided these things for an animal will be a rewarding experience for the both of you. So, if you’re visiting a dog shelter anytime soon, don’t overlook the quieter, aging canines; go over and introduce yourself, and you might just have made a new best friend.



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