21 Of The Best Examples Of Kitty Cat Logic

Cats are quite possibly the strangest mammals on the planet, especially regarding the animals we consider regular household pets. While dogs are easy to read and forever your loyal BFF, cats always seem to have an underlying agenda, and they certainly aren’t going to play fetch on command!

Cats are complicated creatures full of love one moment and fierce aggression the next. Owning cats can be hard work, as well as 100% confusing. Perhaps the following 21 best examples of cat logic will help in your quest to understand your delicate feline.

1. The Perfect Place To Sit, Butt First Of Course

What’s that smell…?


2. Thanks For The Elaborate Gift, But I Prefer The Boxes

Cats are not very predictable, and my own cats make odd decisions like this all of the time. For instance, one of my cats used to sleep on one of my closet shelves, and while she clearly seemed to like the spot just fine, it looked uncomfortable. So I added blankets and made a little bed for her to enjoy. Let’s just say she never slept in that part of the closet again.


3. Inside, You Say…? I Think I’ll Stick To ‘On Top’


4. Evil Sneak Attack

“Love bites” are anything but lovely. Some cats deliver a harmless little nibble, but other cats come at you with the force of a sharp-toothed lion!

5. A Different Idea Of The Word “Empty”

My cats will beg and beg on end for food, despite the fact their food bowls are far from empty. I always wonder if it’s because cat food tastes funky after it’s been sitting out in fresh air for a while, but I’m not willing to taste test and find out!


6. There’s Just Something That Cats Love About Humans Using The Bathroom

No, seriously… cats have the weirdest obsession with people that are going to the bathroom. And isn’t it always the case that cats want attention whenever you are busy. But when you’re searching for a good cuddle they will ignore your calls all day.

7. If It’s Warm, I’ll Sit On It

Proof that a cat will seriously sit anywhere he damn well wants.


8. Why Motorized Cat Toys Are Too Much Fun (Especially For You):

9. Most Cats Strangely Love Shoes, But Only Tiny Kittens Are Lucky Enough To Curl Up Inside

10. Eni, Mini, Miny, Mo…. I’ll Take This Spot!


11. In The Frantic Stampede To The Food Bowls This Happened:


12. Nothing Like A Good Book To Rub Up On

13. The Differences Between Cats And Dogs


14. Your Cat’s Idea Of A Good Morning Present

15. The Logic Cats Use To Make All Decisions:


16. Maybe This Wasn’t The Best Route To Take…

17. Cats Are Bossy About Play Time

18. Is It Worth It? Oh Yes, Definitely Worth It!

Cats are the craziest climbers, and some cats will go out on any ledge if it means scoring a red-hot balloon to play with!

19. Cat In The Box

What cat doesn’t love hanging out in a good box?

20. Feed Your Cat Human Food Just Once And You Will Live Like This Forever…

21. Is This Not A Good Way To Sit?

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