20 Pets Having Better Birthday Parties Than You

It isn’t just humans that celebrate their birthdays. Pets do it too. And as you can see from these pictures compiled by Cuteoverload, sometimes they do it even better than you do.

Some of them prefer the more traditional-style birthday, complete with cake and party-hats. Others however prefer something a little bit more unconventional, like a bouquet of fish for example, or a room filled with tennis balls. But if there’s one thing that all of these pets have in common it’s that they all know how to throw a party!

1. A Walrus Becomes Embarrassed When It’s Given A Cake Made Of Fish For Its Birthday, Norway

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-12. Every Dog Should Be Treated Like This On Its Birthday

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-23. Happy Birthday To My Best Friend

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-34. Would You Like Some Pupcakes?

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-45. Tortellini Turns Two

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-56. My Cat Nimbus, Celebrating His Birthday Like A Gentleman

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-67. Do You Have Any More Of This Space Cake?

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-78. Just Some Cats Having A Party

9. Happy Dog In A Party Hat

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-910. My Birthday Wish

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1011. I Work At A Doggie Daycare That Sells Dog Cakes. A Client Sent Us This Picture Of Their Dog

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1112. Joey Jax Turns 2! The Golden With 800 Tennis Balls!

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1213. 50th Major Birthday

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1314. Party Time

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1415. Party Dog

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1516. Basi, The World’s Second-oldest Panda Is Treated Like A Queen On Her Birthday

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1617. My Dog Is Horrified That It’s Her Birthday

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1718. It’s My Birthday!

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1819. Poipoi’s Fourth Birthday

pets-that-have-better-birthday-parties-than-you-1920. My Birthday Party


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