20 Animals Who Have Seriously Had It Up To *HERE* With Your Shenanigans

Everyone knows those days where even the friendly doorman, who’s just doing his job, is going to get some sass from you. You have had it up to *HERE* with the entire human population and you’re not about to chitchat about sports.

And it’s not just us…our pets have these moments, too. They just really, really want to be left in peace. These 20 cuties have defined where their personal space bubble is and it’s getting violated. Too. Often.

1. “Alright, you’re done.”


3. “I get it. I’m tiny and adorable. That’s enough now.”

4. His whole life as an only child is flashing before his very eyes.

5. “Hnnnnggg noooooope.”

6. “You need to stop.”

7. “I’m sorry, did I say you could touch me? We are not that close.”

8. “Shouldn’t you be hoarding nuts somewhere?”


9. “If I stay perfectly still, maybe she’ll leave.”


10. “Did no one ever tell you I was the rat of the sky?”


11. “Fear me, I am a creature of the — aw, forget it.”

12. He specifically put on his profile that he does not like to cuddle.


13. “I heard a flush but I didn’t hear the sink, so kindly get your hand away from my face.”

14. Patience isn’t in an unlimited supply today.


15. “Talk to my tiny hand, human.”

16. Well, he learned his lesson.

17. “Do you see how much bigger I am than you?”


18. “I am not your DOLLY.”

19. “Don’t you play that ‘dumb dog’ card with me.”


20.”I could tear you UP. You don’t even know!”


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