19 Cats and Dogs that can’t get Enough of Fall

After a long, hot summer, many of us have been looking forward to autumn and all it brings: crisp weather, hot drinks, cozy sweaters and, of course, pumpkin everything.

But as these happy cats and dogs prove, we’re not the only ones who are glad it’s fall.cats-dogs- fall-9

 cats-dogs- fall-1

cats-dogs- fall-2

cats-dogs- fall-3

cats-dogs- fall-4

cats-dogs- fall-5

cats-dogs- fall-6

cats-dogs- fall-7

cats-dogs- fall-19

cats-dogs- fall-8

cats-dogs- fall-10

cats-dogs- fall-11

cats-dogs- fall-12

cats-dogs- fall-13

cats-dogs- fall-14

cats-dogs- fall-15

cats-dogs- fall-16

cats-dogs- fall-17

cats-dogs- fall-18

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